Change Your Focus

Change Your Focus

Change your focus.

Change Your Focus: It is time for us to change our focus in order to get all the blessings the Lord has for us.

We focus so much on people who rejected us and treated us badly. Events that brought tears to our eyes and things that didn’t work out.

Focusing on the wrong things can hold us back from going forward. In life, people are going to tell us hurtful things and opportunities we want, and we might get no as our answer.

It doesn’t matter if people around you haven’t helped you or supported you; God is always on your side. Maybe everyone has left you, and that can be hurtful, but our strength is in God.

If we want to get what God has for us, we must change what gets our attention. “You can receive present blessings living mentally from past experience.”.

Every day, God is willing to pour his blessings on us, so let’s get what God has made for us this day. Our Lord is the creator of the universe, and everything is possible for him to do.

It doesn’t matter who has hurt you in the past; God can heal you and take you to greater heights.

Your future can be bright.

Change Your Focus pt2

Sometimes we think that our future can’t be bright because of our past. God knows about everything that you went through, and he’s willing to bless you.

  • Sign up for that class.
  • Learn those skills.
  • Read that book.
  • Save that money.
  • Pay off those debts.
  • Get closer to God.
  • Get your health together.
  • Clean up your house.
  • Finish that work.

We must learn to focus on ourselves and God, who created us here on earth. Instead of spending our time focusing on and remembering people who treated us badly, we can use it to improve ourselves.

God does not want us to be in the same situation or level for the rest of our lives. There are wonderful things that we can do in our lives with the help of God.

Things and people that don’t serve us can ruin our lives and make us live with regret. The Lord who created us will not allow us to sit in bad situations forever.

God cares about us, so let us learn to care about ourselves too. People or events will come and go, but what stays forever is your self-love.

When you love yourself, that is when you can love other people around you. We can’t give out things that we don’t have, so pour into yourself, and you’ll see people getting influenced.

God is willing to pour the blessings of heaven upon you when you are positive. Being positive means that you trust God to take control of everything.

Learn something new.

We should not allow ourselves to be in the same spots or level as we were in the past.

  • Read that book.
  • Learn that new language.
  • Learn about cooking ideas.
  • Watch educational videos on YouTube.
  • Watch that new movie.
  • Learn to balance your budgets.
  • Read that new chapter in the Bible.

Many of us are afraid of learning new things, but we are meant to grow all the time. Everything that we want to do is possible if we are determined.

Let’s do our best to grow in many areas of our lives so that God can use us more. The more we grow and focus on ourselves, the more it will help us care for other people around us.


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