Chris Tomlin’s ‘Holy Forever’ Goes Gold

Chris Tomlin's 'Holy Forever' Goes Gold

Chris Tomlin’s ‘Holy Forever’ Goes Gold

Award-winning gospel artist Chris Tomlin recently celebrated a significant milestone as his song “Holy Forever” achieved Gold certification. In an expressive post, Tomlin shared his gratitude and reflections on this accomplishment. He stated, “‘Holy Forever’ being certified Gold this quickly is a tangible example of the presence and the power of the Global Church.” This remarkable achievement underscores the widespread impact of his music and its resonance with worshippers worldwide.

Tomlin expressed profound appreciation for the collective effort that contributed to this success. “I am so grateful for the team and technology that supports in helping to give people around the world a voice to worship God,” he added. His acknowledgment highlights the essential roles of his dedicated team and the advancements in technology that facilitate global worship experiences.

The swift Gold certification of “Holy Forever” is not only a testament to Tomlin’s talent but also a reflection of the unifying power of worship music within the global Christian community. It demonstrates how music can transcend geographical boundaries, bringing together believers in a shared expression of faith and devotion.

Chris Tomlin’s gratitude and recognition of his team’s efforts serve as an inspiring reminder of the collaborative spirit that drives successful ministry. As “Holy Forever” continues to touch lives around the world, it stands as a powerful example of the enduring influence of worship music.

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