Chrystal Evans Hurst Shares The Significance of “Wednesdays”

Chrystal Evans Hurst Shares The Significance of "Wednesdays"

Chrystal Evans Hurst Shares The Significance of “Wednesdays”

Chrystal Evans Hurst has shared with us the significance of Wednesdays to her family. The post serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of consistency and commitment in our spiritual journey.

Hurst shared the story of her father’s (Dr. Tony Evans)  dedicated study of the Word of God every Wednesday. she unveiled a profound truth: which is the behind-the-scenes moments of preparation and devotion that shape our faith and character the most.

According to Hurst, “Wednesday is also historically a study day for my Dad. He has a certain position when he studies. That position usually involves a pen in one hand, a yellow pad in the other, and a Bible somewhere in between.”

She went on to talk about her father’s consistency to the word of God and how it has helped her family in the journey of faith. She added that what we see on Sundays are not preparation but what was borne out of “Wednesdays”. Hurst stated that even in her 50s her father has remained consistent.

Finally, she added that the most visible and public things we witness are not the most important parts of the story. It’s the decision to prioritize the right thing consistently – even in the middle of the week.

In a world often consumed by performance and outward appearances, Hurst’s message cuts through the noise, urging us to prioritize the foundational aspects of our faith. She invites us to embrace the discipline of intentional study and spiritual growth, recognizing that what we do when no one is watching ultimately defines our true character.

May we all heed Hurst’s call to assume the position, put our eyes on the Word, and consistently pursue our journey of faith, knowing that even in the ordinary days, our actions matter and our character is forged.

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