Creflo Dollar: How to Take Possession Through Grace

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Creflo Dollar, which is titled “How to Take Possession Through Grace.”

Pastor Dollar teaches us in this message about possessing through grace. We have to know that God has made grace available for us through the blood of Jesus Christ. Grace has made every faith faith in the grace of God; your faith is faith in the gracious God. Grace God’s provision for the believer, and all of this started with us defining grace, and that’s what we’re learning from that definition: the unmerited abounding provision of the unrestrained operation of God’s infinite love that works through Jesus Christ, Lord of God, for mankind, especially for those who depend on him now. I know that’s a big definition, but that’s putting a gracious big reason why it’s Jesus. Grace is not a curriculum. Grace is a person, and his name is Jesus. Jesus is full of grace and truth, so there’s Jesus, and then out of Jesus comes grace, and out of Grace comes truth, so you can’t declare the truth without declaring Grace without declaring Jesus. See, we just kind of take words and use them; we need to go and find out.

Where they’re coming from, Jesus says, is that it gives birth to grace, and grace gives birth to truth, and what happens as a church if we don’t know Jesus and if we don’t know grace, we really don’t know truth; we’re just using the word truth without knowing what it’s attached to, and so we’ve been learning about grace. God’s provision for the believer, and one of the things we’ve been reiterating is that Grace is not merely the means whereby God forgives sin; Grace is God’s way of dealing with someone who’s received Christ, and so when you get born again, Grace is the way God deals with you, and while religion may tell you all this other stuff that God’s trying to kill you or that God’s going to get you, grace is how God deals with you once you get born again.


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