Creflo Dollar: Spirit of Mammon Revealed – Part 1

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Creflo Dollar, which is titled “Spirit of Mammon Revealed (Part 1).” The text for the message is from Luke 16:1–10.

Pastor Dollar tells us that some of us may come to understand that we have been walking around possessed by a demon. We have a subtle spirit, and it doesn’t attempt to be known or revealed; it may sound just like a spiritual voice that we might find in religion. Over 95% of the churches in this world are possessed and have no idea about it.

In the book of Luke, Jesus talked about a steward who was not faithful with his lord’s goods and could not be trusted with money. If you treat money correctly, it will even follow you throughout eternity. If a man can be trusted with two dollars, then you can trust him to oversee your billion-dollar company. The amount is always going to be determined based on how much a man can be trusted with money.

When you are about to learn the truth, the spirit of Mammon always rises up. If you are not faithful with the little thing called money, who is going to trust you with true riches? Anytime Jesus teaches about money, it’s about trust. Jesus is asking us: Can we be trusted with money? It’s your trust that will help you where healing, deliverance, and relationships are concerned.

You might have deceived yourself into thinking that you can trust God to give you all the things grace has made available, but your trust can’t handle money. Always ask yourself this question: “Can you trust others with money?”

God should be the one who influences you where money is concerned. Your faith in God where money is concerned is the smallest thing in the kingdom of God. When you go around saying you trust God but you can’t trust God when it comes to money, you’re lying. If you can prove to yourself that you can trust God where money is concerned, then you will be able to trust God where other things are concerned. No servant can serve two masters; you can’t serve God and the Spirit of Mammon at the same time; you have to decide. The Spirit of mammon want to get you where you will say that you don’t trust God but your money.

Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Creflo Dollar “Spirit of Mammon Revealed – Part 1” and remember that we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

Video Credit: Creflo Dollar Ministries

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