David Jeremiah Devotional June 8 2021 – Priority of Truth

David Jeremiah Devotional June 8 2021

Theme For David Jeremiah Devotional June 8 2021 – Priority of Truth

Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth.
Ephesians 6:14

Recommended Reading: John 14:6

In recent years, concussions have dominated discussions of safety in American football. As a result, football helmets have become the most important part of a player’s “armor.” While all parts of the football uniform are critically important, the helmet’s protection of the brain may be the most critical.

What about spiritual armor? Is there a most-important piece? Theologically, no, since to put on God’s spiritual armor is to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 13:14). And it’s impossible to divide Christ into “parts.” But it is interesting that in Paul’s description of the believer’s spiritual armor the girdle (belt) of truth gets first mention. In reality, a Roman belt was not really considered armor at all; most Roman men wore a belt of some kind to cinch up their robes. It was part of basic Roman dress; no one—civilian or soldier—would dress without a belt. Perhaps that’s why Paul compared the belt to truth. We can’t go anywhere without God’s truth. It is truth that informs us about all the rest of the spiritual armor.

Jesus is the living truth (John 14:6). God’s Word is the written truth (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17). Truth is foundational to victory in the spiritual life.

The truth of Scripture demolishes speculation. 

R. C. Sproul

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  1. Pastor David Jeremiah

    . Worship, serv, reverence and love our Heavenly Father Lord Jesus Christ. Let our lights shine before men that they may see our good work and glorify the Father. For without faith it is impossible to please God for He exist and reward those who seek Him.Testimony… Family, co-worker, prayer, gospel, school, church, nation. t. Lu Jane

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