Decide to Create Your Own Happiness

Decide to Create Your Own Happiness

Decide to Create Your Own Happiness

Decide to Create Your Own Happiness: Currently, in our lives, many people are always waiting on someone to make them happy.

We are the ones who have to make the decision to make ourselves happy. Every day we wake up, we have two choices: to be happy or unhappy.

As Christians, we have to make the decision to be happy, no matter our situation. Many people in the world wake up each morning and decide to choose unhappiness.

Unhappy people go around telling themselves that things aren’t going well and everything is against them.

Make the decision to choose happiness, and tell yourself that life is good. Don’t focus on your problem because God is on your side.

We have to learn how to depend on God for the strength to make ourselves happy. Happiness is a state of mind, not the condition of our lives.

As Christians, we must learn how to have a clean soul and eyes in order to see beauty in all situations. There are going to be trials and tribulations in our lives, but God has made us winners.

All unhappiness is self-created, and many of us are the people who create our unhappiness.

Don’t focus on your problems.

Decide to Create Your Own Happiness pt2

Not focusing on our problems can seem impossible because we want to solve them. Instead of focusing on our problems, let us focus on the solution, which is Jesus Christ.

We were instructed to cast all our worries on the Lord, and he would give us rest. When problems arise in our lives, it is easy to get carried away by them and allow them to steal our joy.

If we face challenges in life, let us give them to Jesus, for he cares for us in every area of our lives. We can make our problems appear small just by the attitude we have towards them.

When we desire happiness, we have to do everything in our power to achieve it. We must develop our attitude to be unbothered by things that want to steal our peace.

The way we react to a situation will determine how much influence it will have on us. Maybe you lost your job or your loved one; just give it to God, and he’ll comfort you.

Pray to God more.

Decide to Create Your Own Happiness pt3

Does prayer take our pain away? Well, no one has the right answer for it, but prayer does help us overcome our pain, so it doesn’t seem like it hurts so much.

God is always listening to us, and he cares about us, so we have to know that he listens when we pray. We should not allow situations that we don’t have control over to steal our peace.

God wants us to have peace of mind so that we can focus on the purpose he has for us. If we don’t have peace of mind, we can’t create our own happiness.

The devil is always working hard to steal our peace of mind, and we should not allow that. Prayer is a way we communicate with God, so we have to pray all the time.

For every situation in which we find ourselves, we have to decide how we want it to affect us. If we learn how to cast all our worries on God and receive the gift of peace that he has for us,.

Give a prayer for Thanksgiving.

Giving thanks to God for all the good things he has done for us can lift our mood. We have to know that instead of focusing on our problems, let’s remember to count our blessings.

Thanksgiving opens more doors to great things in our lives. God loves it when we appreciate all the great things he does in our lives, so give thanks always.

We can also give thanks for things that have not yet happened in our lives, so if you are expecting God to bless you, give thanks to him for the blessings.



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