Do You Know Your Lord God?

Do you know your Lord God

Do you know your Lord God?

Do you know your Lord God? It is important for us all to understand the importance of knowing who our God really is. In times of trouble, what will save us is our mush; we know him.

Our faith in God all depends on how close we are to him and all we know about him. The devil will try his best to shake our faith in God, but we must hold on to God with all our strength.

Our heavenly father wants us to have a close relationship with him because that is what we know about him. Reading our Bible and praying to him are two ways we can learn about him.

As Christians, we must do our best to read other Christian books that will help us know more about God. There are many authors and blog writers who write about God, so let’s read up.

Reading about our God really opens our minds to understanding him and his ways. We won’t be able to know all his ways, but he’s willing to guide us.

There is nothing about us that our heavenly father knows about us. Our heavenly father is interested in everything that we do, so we must be godly.

Read about God.

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God knew that we needed to know about him, so he made sure that the Holy Bible was available for us. For many generations, the Bible has stood the test of time.

As Christians, reading the Bible is a must for us because how are we to know about God if we don’t read about him? Let us make time every day to spend time with the Lord so that we can know him better.

The world will always ask about God, so we must know what to tell them. In times of trouble, what we have known about God is what we are going to use against the enemy.

The devil is working hard to make sure that we question God’s love in our lives. How can we know that God is love when we don’t read about him?

Reading about God through the Bible is something we all Christians must do. In times of trouble, only God’s love can save us through everything.

Be Careful

be careful

Yes, there are many articles about God in the books and on the websites, but we must be careful. There are many fake Christian authors who are willing to write crazy things about God just for the money.

The reason the Bible is a must-read is because most of the words are from Jesus and God. You can read other books, but make sure they are based on the word of God.

Remember, the devil doesn’t mind doing everything in his power to destroy God’s name. There is never a book that we see that we must read or any article because we must guide our mind and heart.

Our hearts must be protected so that the seed of the enemy won’t have a place in them.  The enemy is so desperate that he’s willing to do everything to steal us away from God.

If he succeeds, he will destroy us, for the enemy only came to destroy us in a lake of fire after stealing us from God. Our heavenly father knows about everything with which we are struggling, so he’s always with us.

If you are afraid of reading about God and his awesome personality, just start with the Bible. You can listen to a good Christian podcast because those things will help to sharpen our minds.



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