Don’t Give up yet, For God is in Control

Don't give up yet for God is in control

Don’t give up yet, for God is in control.

Don’t give up yet, for God is in control: No one wants to give up on their dreams and goals, but yet many still do. Giving up on your dreams and life goals will make you regret it in the future.

The truth is, there are many challenges in life that we are going to encounter, like personal, family, business, and partner problems.

If we are not careful, those problems can make us distracted from our dreams. There is nothing in this world that we can do to not face any challenges in life.

Any challenge or problem we face in life is allowed by God for us to learn. When you see yourself in tough situations, instead of giving up on your dreams, just give them to God.

God knows about everything that we are going through, and he will never leave us or forsake us. Many Christians spend their time blaming God when things are not going great.

The Bible instructs us to give thanks to God in all situations because thanksgiving opens doors for us. Instead of complaining and being unhappy, just give it to God.

Keep pushing, no matter what.

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We should not let obstacles hinder us from going after our life goals. No matter how small our progress is, it is essential to making our dreams come true.

We must have a determined attitude that, no matter what, we must achieve our goals. There are going to be times when God might want to change plans for us.

Sometimes some of our goals might not be approved by God, but just know that his plans are better. Keep chasing your dreams and refuse to let challenges stop you.

Every godly dream or goal that comes to your mind is sent by God. We have to make sure that our dreams are godly ones because we are children of God.

We have the ability to overcome our adversities and achieve our goals, so trusting God is important.

Setbacks are temporary.

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Many of us spend most of our time dwelling on or allowing setbacks to hold us back. Setbacks are not forever, but if we don’t take action to overcome them, that can ruin us.

When you see yourself not achieving your goals because of setbacks, just keep going and trusting God. Involving our heavenly father in our goals is really important because only he can help us overcome setbacks.

When we pray to God, he listens because he cares about us and wants us to achieve our dreams. If you see any setbacks on your path of greatness, just know that God is more powerful.

No setbacks or challenges have the ability to hold us back if we don’t allow them. Keep going and don’t give up yet, for God is always in control.

God can change the life challenges that the devil brings into our lives to destroy us. Don’t be afraid of what you are going to encounter; just keep taking steps of faith and keep involving God.

Your dreams might take a longer time to achieve, but don’t lose hope. Bigger dreams might take longer because there are lessons that God wants you to learn before you reach a great level.

Don’t compare yourself to other people achieving the same goals as yours. Many people keep comparing themselves to other people instead of focusing on their goals and keeping pushing.

Instead of getting jealous of someone else’s success, get motivated or inspired to keep pushing. Be happy for people who are getting better than you, but keep improving and keep trusting God.

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