Everybody Is Watching Us

Everybody Is Watching Us

Everybody is watching us.

Everybody Is Watching Us: Whether we like it or not, people are watching us as Christians. The way we behave, dress, talk, and relate to people is being counted.

But we are not to be afraid of people watching us because they can learn from us. If we behave right, that will bring glory to God.

When we relate to people kindly and show love to them, that will attract them to God. We are all representatives of God here on earth.

He has designed us to bring glory to his name all the time. Everything we do here on earth should reflect God and his holiness.

There are characteristics that are expected of God’s children. Kindness, cheerfulness, understanding, love, and wisdom are among the attributes that God expects from His children.

How we handle challenges also determines our faith in our heavenly Father. When the rest of the world is complaining about their problems, we are to hold to our faith.

No matter what we are facing here on earth, only God can deliver us. We are not to complain like the rest of the world because God is on our side.

As Christians, trusting God should not be optional but a must. Without our trust in him, there is nothing we can do by ourselves.

God is powerful.

Everybody Is Watching Us pt2

To live our dream life, it requires having an unshakable faith in God. He has taken care of everything that concerns us.

He knows about all our struggles, and he will save us, but we must hold on to him. Our heavenly father is powerful enough to change what the devil meant for bad to good.

Our Lord has done great and wonderful things in the past, like diving into the Red Sea, creating the world out of nothing, and saving Daniel from lions den. We are still serving the same God in the present time.

Even when Jesus came, he also did a lot of miracles, like healing many sick people, feeding 5000 people, casting out our demons, and resurrecting them from death.

The same Jesus who did all these wonders is still with us, and he loves us like his father. There is nothing God and his son won’t do for us.

Do you want healing? Do you want a better life and financial freedom? Just talk to your heavenly father. Whatever we want from God, we must say it with faith in Jesus name.

Behave Differently

If we go through life behaving like the rest of the world, that won’t bring glory to God. Complaining and being constantly worried mean that we don’t trust God’s power.

We are to be different from the world in every area of our lives, like being faithful at work and business, being loving, and showing kindness.

Bring people to Jesus.

Everybody Is Watching Us pt3

When our faith in God is unshakeable, that will give us peace of mind in the midst of struggle. People will come close to us to know our secret to a peaceful life, and then we will lead them to Jesus.

Many people will want to know our secret to being unbothered about life challenges. People around us will accept Jesus because they have seen that our lives are different from theirs.

When you are mistreated, instead of losing your peace, you can give it to Jesus. Knowing that God is in control of everything can help us live a more peaceful life.

Losing your job or your business not going well can be challenging, but just know that with time, God will save you.

If your kids are misbehaving, instead of yelling and complaining, give it to God. He cares about you and your problems. Your kids will turn out great if you involve them.

God wants to be involved in everything we do because he’s interested in us. He wants us to have a close relationship with him, like a father to a child.


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