Ex-Psychic Narrates Heroic Escape From Demons and Occult

Ex-Psychic Narrates Heroic Escape From Demons and Occult: Jenn Niza, a former psychic shares her heroic escape from the snares and the occult.

Jenn Nizza is aware of what it means to recognize and challenge this injustice. She was formerly ensnared in a world of New Age beliefs and practices, but Jesus miraculously delivered her from enslavement and the occult. She says she was victimized by demons, although she taught the occult before that.

“I wasn’t seeking a different life,” Nizza remembers. “I wasn’t looking for a new philosophy, and I didn’t want to try on Christianity or anything like that. I loved what I was doing. The oppression was so severe; it was so heavy upon me. And one day I just cried out to Jesus. The Jesus I never cared about was the real Jesus. I called on His name without any faith all those years. I was at the end of myself. I cried out to Him.”

Nizza, who was well-versed in subjects like the law of attraction, past-life regression, and mediumship, cried out to Jesus for the first time and became a child of God at the age of 36. The gloom that she had been living in for years was abruptly dispelled.

She resigned from her position and made the decision to follow Jesus wherever He might take her.

Through her books and the “Ex-Psychic Saved” podcast, she is currently exposing the shadowy underbelly of New Age, occult, and paranormal deceptions.

“I love to educate people, because what you see isn’t always what you get, Nizza shares. We are in a spiritual battle, and God is real, and the devil is real, and the devil is sneaky and tricky. And now he’s so blatant in our culture. The devil is very prevalent; these new age practices, the psychic mediums, they’re everywhere.

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