Family Schedules Carlton Pearson’s Memorial Service

Family Schedules Carlton Pearson’s Memorial Service

Family Schedules Carlton Pearson’s Memorial Service: Days after the passing of  Bishop Carlton Pearson, a prominent African-American former megachurch founder, his family took to social media to announce the scheduled order of his memorial service.

According to the November 24 announcement shared to Pearson’s Facebook page, his Public viewing, interfaith celebration of life, and final closing and sealing of the casket will be held at All Souls Unitarian Church on Wednesday, November 29, and Thursday, November 30th.

A musical celebration of life will take place on Thursday evening at Greater Grace Temple, while the Episcopal celebration of life will be held lastly on December 1 at Transformation Church.

Pearson died at the age of 70 on November 19 following a battle with cancer. His death comes weeks after he was placed in a comfort care home due to the worsening condition of his health.

Pearson was once one of the most sought-after preachers in America, but he faced criticism and controversy after he began to question the traditional concept of Hell. He argued that God is a God of love and acceptance and that Hell is not a place of eternal punishment but rather a state of separation from God.

His stance on this issue led to his removal from the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center. Pearson’s departure from the megachurch he founded sparked a debate within the Pentecostal community about the nature of hell and the role of fear in religious faith.

Some supported Pearson’s views, arguing that they were more aligned with a loving and compassionate God. Others criticized his position, arguing that it watered down the message of the gospel and minimized the consequences of sin.

Despite the controversy, Pearson remained a popular figure among many African Americans. He continued to preach his message of love and acceptance.

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