Franklin Graham Donates 21 Ambulances to Israel

Samaritan's Purse Pledges 21 Ambulances to Israel
Franklin Graham visits Netanyahu and donates 21 Ambulances to Israel following the October 7 Hamas attacks

Franklin Graham Donates 21 Ambulances to Israel 

Evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Billy Graham and CEO of  Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian humanitarian organization, has pledged to donate 21 ambulances to Israel’s first response service, Magen David Adom.

The donation comes in response to the recent destruction of 14 MDA ambulances by Hamas during the October 7 attack. Seven of the ambulances will be armored to provide additional protection for medical personnel and patients.

“A few days ago we committed to replacing 14 ambulances for Magen David Adom (@Mdais), Israel’s first response service. These life-saving vehicles had been destroyed by Hamas in the October 7 attack. Yesterday I met with their teams and leadership, saw their need, and told them @SamaritansPurse would provide 7 more ambulances—for a total of 21—but these will be armored, to provide additional protection for their medics and patients,” Franklin announced in a November 15 X

On Tuesday, Franklin visited the Gaza border, where he saw several devastated Kibbutzim invaded by Hamas last month. He also shared photos of his visit on X.

Additionally, Franklin met and prayed with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. Following his visit, he urged Christians to pray for the minister, noting that “he is facing the most trying time since the birth of their nation.” 

“It was a privilege to meet and pray with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin @Netanyahu today. This man needs our prayers. He is facing the most trying time since the birth of their nation with 1,200 people killed, more than 240 men, women, and children taken as hostages, and many injured in the Hamas attack,” Franklin stated.

“As I spoke with a woman whose husband was taken hostage, the fear and heartache is overwhelming. Pray for these hostages and their families, pray for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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