Fred Porter Delivers Encouraging Message to Leaders

Fred Porter Delivers Encouraging Message to Leaders

Fred Porter Delivers  Encouraging Message to Pastors and Leaders

Fred Porter, senior pastor of the thriving Kingdom Culture Church (KCC) in Australia, has taken to social media to offer an encouraging message to fellow pastors and leaders.

The powerful message shared on his Instagram page on Thursday rallied against discouragement and urged perseverance in the face of challenges.

The post cleverly contrasted KCC’s humble beginnings in 2013, depicted in a photo with just a few attendees, with a video showcasing the church’s vibrant and growing congregation last week.

Pastor Porter acknowledged the inherent difficulties of ministry. He spoke frankly about the “pressure of people, the pain of loss, the temptation to compare, the sting of betrayed trust, the financial pressures,” and the potential disillusionment that can arise when the reality of a church falls short of its initial vision.

Despite these challenges, the message took a decisive turn towards hope. Pastor Porter powerfully declared, “But do not give up!” He recognized the church’s imperfections, referring to “bruises, scars, and pain,” but expressed deep gratitude for the congregation’s unwavering commitment.

Quoting Ken Leech, he emphasized the importance of unwavering faith: “I am so glad we did not lose heart; I am so glad we stood on the word: I am so glad we glanced at man but gazed at Jesus.”

Looking forward, Pastor Porter declared, “We have a lot more ground to take!” The message transformed into a call to action, urging the congregation and leaders to pursue their faith. He implored them to “dig our heels in,” and to “stare down the devil, believe again, hope again, sow again, dream again.”

The message concluded with a powerful affirmation of God’s limitless power. Pastor Porter declared, “He is a big God and his arm is not too short,” assuring his audience that God’s strength is ever-present to overcome any obstacle.

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