Fred Porter Gushes Over Daughter’s Milestones on Social Media

Fred Porter Gushes Over Daughter's Milestones on Social Media

Fred Porter Gushes Over Daughter’s Milestones on Social Media

Kingdom Culture Church pastor, Fred Porter, has taken to social media to share his overflowing pride for his daughter, Myca.

Sharing a picture of himself and his daughter, Pastor Porter showered his little one with affection, detailing the everyday moments that bring him immense joy.

“I love this little human so much,” he wrote, encapsulating the boundless love a parent feels for their child.

The post went on to highlight specific moments that have touched the pastor’s heart. From “cuddles” and Myca’s “gummy smile” to her recent accomplishment of “crawling.”

“Being your dad is a joy. I love our cuddles, I love how you’re finding your voice, I love how much you like lamb, I love your gummy smile, I loved seeing you crawl for the first time a few days ago,” he wrote.

He went on to mention details about the playful and tender moments they share, mentioning “Saturday swim class” and Myca’s “excited arm waving.” The post concludes with a heartwarming declaration: “I really am the luckiest.”

The post quickly garnered attention from the church community and beyond, with many leaving comments filled with well wishes and congratulations.

This isn’t the first time Pastor Porter has shared his love for his family online. The couple, Fred and his wife Anna, welcomed Myca last year, marking a significant milestone in their ten-year marriage.

In previous posts, Pastor Porter has spoken openly about the profound impact their daughter has had on their lives, deepening their love and bringing immense joy to their home.

Myca’s recent accomplishment of crawling has clearly touched Pastor Porter’s heart. His specific details about their cuddles, her love for lamb, and her “gummy smile” paint a picture of a loving and attentive father cherishing every moment with his growing daughter.


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