Fred Porter Renews Marriage Vows with Wife

Fred Porter Renews Marriage Vows with Wife

Fred Porter Renews Marriage Vows with Wife

Kingdom Culture Church’s Pastor Fred Porter and his wife Anna Porter celebrated a major milestone yesterday, renewing their vows after ten years of marriage.

The ceremony took place atop a mountain, with close friends and family witnessing the reaffirmation of their commitment.

Taking to social media, Pastor Fred shared a heartfelt message that went beyond a simple caption. He acknowledged that the reasons behind their vow renewal were too numerous to express in a short post, so he opted to share what he said directly to Anna during the ceremony held before God.

In the heartfelt message, Pastor Fred spoke about the challenges and triumphs of their decade together. He acknowledged his personal growth over the years, expressing his regret for not always being the husband he is today.

However, he emphasized the importance of the covenant itself, a promise that transcends past mistakes and looks toward a future built on love and support.

“Fred renewing a covenant is not about you – it’s not about what you did or didn’t do. It’s about the covenant that will sustain you,” Pastor Fred shared, referencing a message he received from God.

The couple’s journey has been one filled with the usual mix of life’s experiences – travel, laughter, tears, triumphs, and setbacks. They’ve navigated the complexities of marriage, from the initial adjustments of young love to the joys and challenges of parenthood.

Through it all, Pastor Fred’s message underscores the importance of partnership. He compares their marriage to a car, sometimes sleek and luxurious, sometimes dependable and familiar, and occasionally even a bit rough around the edges. But ultimately, the car itself is secondary; it’s the person sharing the journey that truly matters.

Quoting Proverbs 18:22, Pastor Fred concludes with gratitude for his wife Anna, acknowledging the favor he has received in finding such a partner.


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