Greg Laurie Honored With Museum of the Bible’s 2023 Pillar Award

Greg Laurie Honored With Museum of the Bible's 2023 Pillar Award
Greg Laurie is honored with the Museum of the Bible’s 2023 Pillar Award

Pastor Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, has been honored with the Museum of the Bible’s 2023 Pillar Award for narrative.

The Pillar Award, which is part of the museum’s 2023 Gala & Experience, titled “The Story,” was presented to him and two other influential Christians on Saturday for exposing the Bible, “the greatest story of all time,” to “millions of people.”

Pillar Awards are presented annually to deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to the museum’s three core pillars: history, narrative, and impact.

“Those same pillars are the foundation for the creation of the Pillar Awards,” Dave Stotts, the ceremony host, explained. “We launched it last year to honor individuals and groups who are leveraging those pillars to engage people with the transformative power of the Bible through their talents, ideas, and platforms.”

The Pillar Award for Narrative, which Laurie received, is reserved for “those who have brought the stories of the Bible to life through cultural mediums,” Stotts noted.

Laurie received recognition for his creative and captivating storytelling, which has helped millions of people worldwide understand the Bible.  He is known for his ability to communicate the message of the Bible in a way that is both clear and compelling. His conversion story served as the basis for the film “Jesus Revolution,” which was released earlier this year

Pastor Greg Laurie oversees a congregation of 15,000 people in California and Hawaii. His weekly online service attracts over 100,000 viewers.

Lee Strobel, a former journalist and the author of The Case for Christ, and Kay Arthur were also presented with the Pillar Award. Strobel received the Pillar Award for history, while  Arthur received the Pillar Award for impact.

Abby Robertson of The Christian Broadcasting Network, who presented the awards to the recipients, described them as “three of the most influential Christian leaders in the country.”


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