Greg Laurie Marks Son’s Birthday Nearly 16 Years After His Passing

Greg Laurie Marks Son's Birthday Nearly 16 Years After His Passing

Greg Laurie Marks Son’s Birthday Nearly 16 Years After His Passing

Grief and faith intertwined in a social media post by Evangelist Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship as he remembered his late son, Christopher, on what would have been his 49th birthday.

Sharing his heartache openly, Pastor Laurie acknowledged the approaching 16th anniversary of Christopher’s passing this July. He expressed the deep void left by his son’s absence.

“Today is the 49th birthday of my oldest son, Christopher,” Laurie wrote in the post. “This July, it will be 16 years since he died and went to heaven. We miss him with all of our hearts.”

Laurie also used the post to connect his son’s birthday with the recent Easter holiday. He drew a powerful connection between the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the restoration of communication between Jesus and his disciples.

“Yesterday on Easter, I was talking about how when Jesus rose from the dead, He in effect picked up where He last left off with His disciples,” he explained. “Communication was restored.”

He then went on to describe one of the most challenging aspects of grief: the loss of communication.

“That is one of the hardest things about losing a loved one, you can no longer communicate,” Laurie wrote. “I miss speaking with and listening to my oldest son.”

Despite the pain, Laurie finds solace in the life Christopher built and the legacy he left behind. “He would be so proud of his younger brother Jonathan, as well as his mother,” Laurie continued. “He would be thrilled to see the beautiful young ladies his daughters Stella and Lucy have grown to be and how his wife Brittany has carried on with faith and courage.”

Despite the profound grief, Pastor Laurie expresses fervent hope for a future reunion, a day when he can “pick up where they last left off,” resuming conversations and forging new ones with his son.


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