Holly Furtick Teases Husband’s New Book

Holly Furtick the wife of Revelation Church Founder and lead pastor Steven Furtick teases her husband’s new book social media

The mother of three announced Pastor Furtick’s new book titled “Do The New You:  Six Mindsets to Become Who You Were Created to Be” in a Monday Instagram video. The book that Holly disclosed she had anticipated for the past nine months reveals six guidelines for identifying and focusing on one’s God-given purpose.

While the new book, according to Holly, will be made available to the public in February next year, It is currently available for preorder.

“I have some exciting news for you,” Holly said in the Instagram video. “My husband is finally releasing a new book. It is called Do The New You. For the past nine months, I have been watching this book come to life, and I can not wait for you to read it. In the book, Steven gave us six mindsets to become who you are created to be. It is about focusing on God’s vision for you by reminding you things like: Christ is in me; I am enough; I’m not stuck unless I stop; God is not against me, but he is in it with  me, working through me, fighting for me.”

She went on to encourage all to grab a copy of the book, further emphasizing that it would help the reader “discover the new you God is calling you to be.”

Holly also added that the unreleased @elevationworship song “God Is Not Against Me”, which is part of the six mindsets to become who you were created to be will be given out as a gift to any preorder made.

“you can pre-order the book today and receive an exclusive download of the unreleased @elevationworship song “God Is Not Against Me”, one of the six mindsets to become who you were created to be.”

The hardcover book and the elevation worship song gift can be gotten as follows:
1.Pre-order the hardcover book from your favorite retailer.
2. Visit DoTheNewYou.com and enter your name, email, and order confirmation number (found in the email from the retailer).
3. Stream or download “God Is Not Against Me”


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