Is Jesus Christ Still Coming Again?

Is Jesus Christ Still Coming Again

Is Jesus Christ Still Coming Again?

Is Jesus Christ Still Coming Again? As Christians, we all know that Jesus Christ promised us that he’d come back one day and we’d go to heaven with him.

He made this promise to his disciple when he was ascending to the sky. Many people are still mocking us Christians years after years and century after century.

It’s been thousands of years since Jesus Christ made the promise, but we still believe him. He told us to have good behaviors and keep to everything that he has taught us.

We must do our best to behave like him so that our faith doesn’t get weak. Most people think that Jesus Christ’s coming back to take us with him is all fake.

He loves us, and no matter how long it takes, he’ll still come back for us. It doesn’t matter if you are alive or dead; all of us will join him in the sky.

The world is asking us to bring evidence that proves that Jesus Christ will come back. We must not allow the world to shake our faith, because that’s the work of the devil.

The devil is working hard to make sure that he can steal as many people as he can.

Revelation is real.

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It doesn’t matter how much we get mocked by the unbelievers; our faith is more important. Everything written in the Bible has happened, but still, they chose not to believe in God.

The book of revelation is really important because it tells us how the end will be. If we look around, we can see the signs that show that God doesn’t lie.

The book of revelation is given to us by Jesus Christ so that we can know the signs. He doesn’t want to lose us or watch us perish in hell.

He also wishes that the unbelievers would believe in him one day and come back. The world hasn’t come to an end because God is giving us grace to repent.

Some people are making mockery of the grace given to us to repent. The thought he has for us is of good and not of evil, so that we can have a beautiful end.

The reason worldly life appears fun is because it leads to destruction. Addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol, and pornography always leads people to lose themselves.

Some people end up being sick and having a mental breakdown. The world is normalizing sin, and that’s the plan of the devil so that many can come to him.

As children of God, we must hold on to our father so that our faith can be strong. There will be challenges in our lives too, but the Lord is always in control.

The gospel of Christ is not allowed.

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Many places in the world are not allowing the preaching of God’s word in public places. They allow to teach kids about non-Christian and ungodly things in school but can’t allow gospel.

When people see someone preaching about Christ, they mock the person. Some public places, like restaurants and the street, don’t allow the teaching of the Lord.

We must not allow the world to stop us from talking about our father. The best way we can preach about God is to behave like Jesus Christ in every situation.

When people around us see how peaceful our lives are, even in challenging times, they will come to know the secret.

The world is watching us, so let’s do our best to represent God well through our behavior. You can post about Jesus Christ on your social media so that you can reach some people.

God knows the reason he allowed the creation of social media. The world can ban us from talking about Jesus Christ in the street, but they can’t stop us on social media.

Remember that Jesus Christ is still coming back to take us with him. Let’s do our best and hold on to him greatly so that we can make it to heaven.

The world hasn’t come to an end yet because Jesus Christ and God are giving us a chance to repent. As Christians, let’s watch and pray so that our father will not meet us unaware.

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