Jesus Christ loves us as His friends

Jesus Christ loves us as His friends

Jesus Christ loves us as His friends.

Jesus loves us as His friends: We often think that Jesus is not close to us, but that’s not true. The son of God  loves us as his friends, and he understands us deeply.

No matter what we are going through in life, we must remain in His love. We have to understand that only God has the power to change our life situations for the better.

The greatest way for a friend to love another is to die for them. Jesus died for us because he is our best friend and he loves us.

We must obey the will of God and fulfill the purpose he designed us for. We all have purposes and talents that God has deposited inside of us to become great, but we must be obedient.

You must obey God’s will with your whole hearts as Christian.. Jesus knows that we are not perfect, but if we are willing, he will work on us.

For our relationship with God to be stronger, we have to obey everything he tells us. Our friendship with Jesus means a lot to him because he wants us all to come to God through him.

He hates to see us in pain, and when we are not close to him, that makes him unhappy. We must accept Jesus as our savior with all our hearts.

God’s Punishment

Jesus Christ loves us as His friends pt3

If we disobey the word of God just to satisfy our flesh, we will get punished. We don’t get punished because God hates us, but because he loves us.

Disobeying God will attract his punishment on us to remind us to depend only on him. He wants to remind us to obey his will for us so that we won’t suffer.

The devil is working hard every day to make us disobey God at all costs. The enemy knows that God won’t be happy with us if we disobey him.

God loved obedience more than sacrifice because to listen is better than the fat of rams (1 Sam. 15:22).

People who obeyed God in the Bible were never put to shame, but they had fulfilled their lives. Sometimes God’s will won’t make sense, but we have to obey it.

People like Noah, Moses, Joseph, David, Mary, Abraham, and Jesus all obeyed the will of God for their lives.

Jesus loves us just like God loved him; God and Jesus are one. God sees us as his children, and he cares about us.

God loves Jesus, and he loves us too. Most times we are facing life situations, we normally feel unloved and that God doesn’t care about us.

We are allowed to face tough life challenges in order to grow and become better. Whatever we ask for in the name of Jesus, we will get it because we are bought by his blood.

Jesus blood is powerful because he obeyed the will of his father by dying for us. God wants us to have a close relationship with him, so he sent his son to bring us back to him.

We must love others because God loves us.

Jesus Christ loves us as His friends pt2

Because God has loved us, we have to spread it by loving other people. We must show care and kindness to other people around us.

Since God doesn’t judge us for our flaws, we should not judge others. God forgives us when we ask for it, so we must forgive others.

When we are mistreated by people in the world, we must give it to God. He will heal our broken hearts.


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