Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today

Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today

Jesus is the answer for the world today.

Jesus Is The Answer For The World Today: With everything going on in the world today, everyone is living in fear. People are afraid of being happy for a long time because they think bad things will happen soon.

We have all seen the newspapers, TV news, bloggers, and social media filled with tragic news. The most high-ranking news in the world is the bad ones, so that is making everyone live in fear.

With everything going on around us, both international and local, we have to hold on to Jesus Christ. Our heavenly father is the only one who can give us internal peace forever.

Many people in the world are seeking peace in various ways, like through pills, journaling, therapy, and groups. These ways of seeking peace are temporary, and Jesus is calling us back to him.

Therapy, meditation, and journaling are all good habits to practice, and they can improve our mental health. For all these things to help us in our lives, we must come to Jesus Christ.

According to recent research, 80% of the world suffers from anxiety and depression. As Christians, we have the antidote to all our problems, and that is Jesus Christ.

There is a lack of love.

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Jesus Christ, while he was on earth, was teaching about love and how we are to love unconditionally. The world is filled with tragic events happening because we are not living in love.

If we love each other, nobody will have the desire to hurt the other in any way or form. People are killing others because they don’t have love for them.

Will someone steal from the person they love? When there is love, we won’t lie to someone who trusts us. There is no one who wants to trust his brother or friend because they are afraid of betrayal.

We can’t love one another if we don’t love God first with all our hearts. God is love, and when we love him, he will dwell in us and guide us through our actions.

We are not perfect, but when we have God in us, that makes us complete because he won’t leave us. When bad thoughts come to our hearts or minds, we can cast them away if we have God.

Caring for each other is what God wants us to do here on earth. The enemy is working hard to make sure that we hate each other because when we hate, bad things happen.

People will kill for hatred, greed, and jealousy, and that will make everyone live in fear. The devil is so good at bringing bad ideas or thoughts into our minds, so we must not listen to him.

Listening to the devil will open doors for him in our lives, and he will ruin us. The plan of the enemy is to turn the world against each other in order to destroy us.

There are wars going on in some parts of the world when they can forgive each other and live in peace. There is no peace or gain in living when we are against each other.

People are ready to hate a person because of their country, tribe, religion, and background, but God wants us to love everyone.

Living in love is easier than living in hatred and having no peace. Hatred will cause health problems if we continue letting the devil’s plan against us work.

With God in us, we have the ability to show kindness to people around us. We must start with a small group and then spread it more throughout the earth.

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