‘Jesus Revolution’ Streams on Netflix in India

Jesus Revolution Stream on Netflix in India
Jesus Revolution Stream on Netflix in India

“Jesus Revolution” Streams on Netflix in India

Harvest Christian Fellowship Church founder Pastor Greg Laurie has announced that his faith-based movie “Jesus Revolution” is now available to stream on Netflix in India, potentially reaching millions of new viewers.

Greg Laurie shared the exciting news on his Wednesday Instagram post. “I’m thrilled to report that @jesusrevolutionmovie can now be watched by potentially millions of new people in India on Netflix,” the post read.

The news comes after the film’s successful theatrical run last week. During Movieguide’s annual award, “Jesus Revolution” was recognized as the “Best Movie for Mature Audiences”. At the time, Laurie declared that “the greatest reward, however, of seeing this story of the Jesus Revolution brought to the screen has been the countless lives that have been impacted and changed after watching it.”

“Jesus Revolution” tells the powerful true story of a sweeping spiritual awakening that ignited a generation in the 1970s. The film chronicles the social and cultural landscape of the time, highlighting a nation yearning for meaning and purpose. Enter Greg Laurie, a young hippie with a troubled past, who encounters the radical love of Jesus Christ. His life is forever changed, and he embarks on a mission to spread the message of hope and redemption to others.

The film intertwines Greg Laurie’s story with the broader Jesus Revolution movement, showcasing how a group of young people from various backgrounds found unity and purpose in their shared faith. Their passion and dedication ignited a spiritual fire that spread across America, impacting countless lives.

The arrival of “Jesus Revolution” on Netflix in India, however, presents a unique opportunity for audiences to connect with this powerful message. With its themes of hope, transformation, and the enduring power of faith, the film has the potential to resonate deeply with viewers seeking meaning and connection.


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