Joel Osteen: Mixed Signals-Lakewood Church Service

Today, we bring you a message from Pastor Joel Osteen at the Lakewood Church Sunday Service with Pastor Tauren Wells. It is titled “Mixed Signals.” The text for the message is from 2 Kings 3:15–25. “But now, get a musician. When the musician played, the Lord energized him, and he said, “This is what the Lord has to say: ‘make many cisterns in this valley, for this is what the Lord has said: you will not feel any wind or see any rain, but this valley will be full of water.”

Pastor Wells teaches us about mixed signals. We have to understand that God sometimes gives us mixed signals. Mixed signals mean, in the context of a relationship, an action sign or gesture that seems to reveal a certain reality but actually conceals a different one. Although we have experienced mixed signals from people at different times and in different situations, Mixed signals from God are totally different from those from humans; sometimes we have been in situations where we were getting mixed signals from God. Sometimes you are trying to figure out why you are not experiencing the reality that God has declared over your life. Many of us know that God has a big plan and great promises for our lives, but we are in a difficult situation at the moment.

God told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations, but even at his old age, he did not have a son until he was 90 or so years old. What do we do when God’s promises do not align with our experiences? Yes, God is a God of clarity and intentions; he gives us direction; he’s the lamp to our feet and our path; but there are times when God sends mixed signals to his people. You may be trying to make a decision in your life right now, but it seems like the signal is not clear. Naturally, our response is to pray for clarity. Sometimes we think that when we pray for clarity, God will give us the answer, but instead, God answers with mixed signals. We have to depend on God no matter what, even when we don’t understand anything and the signals are mixed. We have to know that he knows best and that he will get us through anything and everything.


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