Joel Osteen prayer request line – Online

Joel Osteen prayer request online

Joel Osteen prayer request line

On Joel osteen prayer request line – Contacting Joel Osteen for a prayer request is that simple through the many outlets enlisted here. You can always try to contact Joel Osteen Prayer Request line via Joel Osteen’s official social media handle. The best part is to visit Lakewood Church!

We Believe in the Power of Prayer

The Bible says the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective, yet something extraordinary happens when two or more agree together in prayer. In Matt. 18:19, Jesus said, “If any two of you agree touching any matter on this earth, it shall be done.” Post your prayer request below and believe that God is going to move mightily in your life as others from around the world pray in agreement with your request! ( Donate to a motherless babies home near you)

You can also contact one of Joel Osteen’s (Lakewood Church)  prayer partners directly at 713-491-1283 or toll free at 1-888-567-5635.

Never be Deceived by Scammers Claiming To Be Joel Osteen

NB – Remember to say all prayers with faith and dedication.

Also NOTE that there are many scammers out there pretending to be Joel Osteen or one of his agents or Workers in the Lakewood church. Please do not fall prey as you might get heavily scammed.

Joel Osteen has really strived to serve God and get many people for God. A well known Televangelist in the United states and globally too. Joel has two children, a son and a daughter with his pretty wife.

Still on Joel Osteen prayer request line, Joel Osteen will never send a direct message to you on any social media platform asking you to sow a seed or make a contribution. Joel Osteen will never send a friend request to you and he will never personally invite you to Church or a worship center through Direct Message on Social media.

Help the kids of the Motherless Babies homes by donating to an orphanage near you.

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  1. Dear sir I pray all the time I’m blind and I pray that the lord will help me with my finances please lord help me please I work two jobs and I’ll never give up for I know the lord is blessing me . every day god bless amen.

  2. I am a nurse and have a lot of compassion for my dialysis patients. I took so much time to train 1 patient and she always stated how happy she was with me. Yesterday she entered screaming how horrible myself and doctor are defaming my name and character. This broke my heart and spirit , I pray God will heal her and let be bold and confident through her lies

  3. i am a lady aged 25,i passed my education and now have a job.i am praying for a stable relationship,with a good man,a soulmate.i have been in many relationships that didnt last.i pray for a godly marriage.i need God’s intervention in my life.I also pray for my brothers’ protection,..good health and Godly mindset.i know God is able to do more than we could ask for.Please help me in prayer.i believe,he has already answered.

  4. Hello , my name is Daniela and I have spastic cerebral palsy that is why I would like to ask you to pray for healing my cerebral palsy and my brain , thank you very much.

  5. I recently requested prayer for a financial blessing. Thank you for your prayers. God blessed with a much, much needed financial blessing. God really is faithful. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  6. please pray for my 17 year old daughter sady who is pregnant and has a problem with her kidneys, she vomits a lot and and cannot keep food down, she is constantly complaining of backacke, please pray for her

  7. I need prayers that the Medicaid application for my father will be processed quickly and accepted. I tried my hardest to stretch his money wisely. He is 93 and declining.

  8. I need prayers that the Medicaid application for my father will be processed quickly and accepted. I tried my hardest to stretch his money wisely. He is 93 and declining.

  9. Please pray for salvation for Naji Hammouda. Please pray that he will become a new creation in Jesus Christ.Thank you so much !

  10. praying that my biggest account at work gets resolved and commissions are reinstated in California westcoast company and remains intact Illinois company and that all outstanding monies owed are paid so that I can pay debt and support family and parents AND CHARITIES amen amen

  11. Pray for my kids that God sends angles down to shield them from the hate and evil that is trying to get to them pray for my son he has suffering stomach pain and my daughter from the evil please pray for my kids cause they are my gift from God shield my son from the evil for a love form a mother go so far but the love from God is stronger so please pray for God to shield my son and daughter from any evil and that they are not touch by any evil to might come their way or try come there way


  12. Please pray for my daughter for total, absolute and complete healing of her mind body soul and spirit .Pray for a miracle from God to heal her brokenness. MY daughter used to be a sweet Christian child but years of bullying took its toll and she had a breakdown. Please pray that God would remove all mental illness from her so that she will have full recovery. Pray that God would bring healing and peace to her sons and restore them as a family.

  13. I am from India , I am in a very painful situation , I am married and jobless for 1 year , no money to take care of family , I am praying everyday , please pray for me 😭

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