Joel Osteen Sermon: A Transfer Is Coming

Pastor Joel Osteen shares this sermon and message titled “A Transfer Is Coming” where he teaches that God has already prepared favor and provision for your future. He said that as you keep honoring Him, HIs blessings will overtake you.

He said we all have dreams and goals we want to accomplish. We know God’s put it in our heart, to start a business, to build that orphanage, to send our children to college, but we don’t have the means to do it. We don’t have the resources, the position, the influence. It seems like we’re limited but the scripture says, “the wealth of the Ungodly is laid up for the righteous.” One version says, “it will be transferred into the hands of the righteous.”

You may not be able to accomplish your dreams on your own. What’s in your heart is too big for your bank account. You have the vision, you want to leave your family better, but you don’t have the position. The good news is a transfer is coming. God doesn’t give you the vision without having provision. He’s already lined up these transfers, good breaks, promotion, divine connections. because you’re the righteous, because you keep God first place, you’re faithful, you’re generous, you’re good to others.

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Credit: Joel Osteen Ministries YouTube

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