Joyce Meyer Devotional August 15 2020 – What’s Leading You?

Joyce Meyer Devotional August 15 2020

Theme For Joyce Meyer Devotional August 15 2020 – What’s Leading You?

There are several definitions of the word emotion. According to Webster’s dictionary, the root source of this term is the Latin emovere, meaning to move away. I find this definition very interesting because that is what fleshly, unhealthy emotions try to do—to get us to move or follow them away from the will of God. In fact, that is Satan’s plan for our lives—to get us to live by our carnal feelings so we never walk in the Spirit. The dictionary also says that emotions are “a complex, usually strong subjective response . . . involving physiological changes as a preparation for action,” which is true. Because of their complexity, emotions are not easy to explain, which can make dealing with them difficult.

For example, there are times when the Holy Spirit is leading us to do something, and our emotions become involved, so we’re super excited about doing it. The emotional support helps us feel that God really does want us to do the thing He’s leading us to do. Other times, the Lord will move us to do a certain thing, and our emotions won’t want anything to do with what He’s asking us to do. When that happens, it’s much harder to obey God.

If we don’t understand the fickle nature of emotions, Satan can use them—or the lack of them—to keep us out of God’s will. That’s why it’s so important to let God help us live beyond our feelings when they’re not cooperating with what He’s doing in our lives. And when we go to Him, thankfully He’s more than willing to help (see Isaiah 41:10)!

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