Joyce Meyer: Living Courageously – Part 2

Enjoying Everyday Life shares this message by Joyce Meyer titled “Living Courageously, Part 2.”

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message about living courageously. We have to know that God has planned for us to live in faith, not fear. Pastor Joyce tells us, “We just need to be careful. I use technology, thank God for technology, but it doesn’t determine how many likes I have, or whether I’m worth anything or not. And you know what really gets weird? Well, you get under the ministers page and the list of teachings, and you see how many people liked different teachings, and boy, when you start looking at yours, maybe you didn’t get as many likes as they did, and now you’re wondering, well, in our eyes, I’m better than them. Confidence is not dependent on who we are in the flesh, our outward privileges, what neighborhood we came from, the level of education that we attain, or what position we have at work. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a ditch digger or a doctor; the only thing that matters is if you’re in Christ. That’s all that matters. then Paul goes through a big long discourse: “He talks about all the Privileges that he had fleshly privileges; he was educated; he was a Pharisee of Pharisees; everything was respected and well thought of; and he said I consider it all to be dumb and trash compared to the privilege of knowing him as my Lord and Savior; and he said what I want is to be known and found in him, not having any righteousness of my own but only that righteousness that you know; the only reputation we really need to want is the one God gives us. We should not allow worldly things to make us feel that we don’t belong; the only thing we should be worried about is being what God designed us to be. We must understand that God has created us all differently and he has a big plan for us if only we are make decision to live courageously is not going to be easy but we have the Holy Spirit to help us out.


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