Joyce Meyer Message: 5 Ways to De-Stress

Joyce Meyer Message: 5 Ways to De-Stress

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer shares this message by Joyce titled “5 Ways to De-Stress” where she teaches that sometimes life gets overwhelming. In this message, you will get biblical insights to help you minimize stress.

Teaching on not focusing on the negative, Joyce Meyer Ministries took to Instagram to write:

“Rather than focus on negative things in life, the Bible teaches us to see good things in Christ with the “eyes of your heart.” Ephesians 1:17–19 says that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation are important so we may:

Have knowledge of God, or know God Himself. This is not knowledge gained through education, but revelation.

Know the hope of our calling, the eternal plan of God and how we fit into it. We can be thankful that God has called us to be His sons and daughters, and as such, we have an inheritance.

Know that revelation knowledge of God’s power is available to us. We can do anything God asks us to do because of the greatness of His power.

Give thanks today that you can know God, have hope, and live in His power!

Prayer of Thanks
I thank You, Father, that You have given me hope in Christ Jesus. Today, I will focus on the good things in my life and listen for Your voice. Thank You that You lead and guide me in the wisdom and revelation of Your Word and Your Holy Spirit.”

Watch and learn from this message by Joyce Meyer: “5 Ways to De-Stress” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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