Joyce Meyer Message – Only God Can Make It Happen – October 2020

Joyce Meyer has given us a new sermon and message titled “Only God Can Make It Happen” in this month of October 2020 to listen to and meditate on. The mother of Laura Marie Holtzmann, Sandra Ellen McCollom, Daniel B. Meyer and David Meyer herein shares how a passage in Galatians helped her understand what “works of the flesh” really means.

Elaborating on her book “Quiet Times With God” Joyce who is married to Dave Meyer took to Instagram to write:

“Enjoy a daily dose of serenity for your heart!

In Quiet Times With God, you’ll be able to slow down and breathe, hear God speaking to you, be refreshed by His perfect love, and receive His peace like never before. Take time to rest, recharge, and just be. Order your copy today at”

Watch and learn from this message by Joyce Meyer – Only God Can Make It Happen – this October 2020 as we bring the latest sermons from Televangelists to you daily.

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