Joyce Meyer Shares how Project GRL Helped an Abused Woman

Joyce Meyer Shares How Project GRL Helped an Abused Woman

Joyce Meyer shares how Project GRL foundation has helped a woman who was depressed and contemplating suicide amid abuse. Project GRL Foundation, the mission arm of Joyce Meyers Ministries has been revealed to save a woman who was depressed and had contemplated committing suicide as a result of mistreatment. This was publicized on Joyce Meyer’s Instagram page.

In the post, Meyer revealed that the woman whose name was Paran had come from Aler village in India. Upon medical checkup by the foundation medical van, it was observed that some of her body parts were bruised. However, on interrogation, Paran shared her story, disclosing that she was married to a man who mistreated her. Adding that he was seldom at home. Meyer went ahead to disclose how Paran also said that she received abuse from her father-in-law during the times her husband was away. As a result, Paran was depressed and had contemplated suicide.

“Paran is married to a man who treats her badly and often goes away for days at a time. But during those periods her father-in-law would visit and abuse her. She was so depressed by the state of her life, she had contemplated suicide” She wrote.

Following the shared story, Meyer put to air that her foundation has offered Paran much-needed help and care. Adding that project GRL medical van did not only provide her with medical care, but the team also supported her with counseling and ministers who would assist her in the future. Meyer nevertheless appreciated the outreach supporters for whom she stated it was possible to Carry out such work. Finally, she put forward a link, for more support from concerned individuals.

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