Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional For 12th April, 2018

Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional For 12th April, 2018

Joyce Meyer

Theme – You Can Be Brave

The only way to conquer fear is to confront it and to do the thing you are afraid of. If you don’t, you will be a prisoner all your life.

When we do confront things, we always and that the worst part of the fear was in our minds, and the reality of the thing wasn’t as bad as we had imagined.

If you truly want to be free, understand that facing a fear is better than being afraid all your life. Fear is a terrible burden to live with.

Bravery to overcome life’s fears comes when you ask God for His help, trust He is with you, and face that fear head-on.

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Prayer Starter: Father, Your Word tells me to “fear not.” Help me today to place my trust in You and face the fears that are holding me back. Help me to step out…even if I have to “do it afraid.” In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

From the devotional Wake Up to the Word by Joyce Meyer.

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