Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional For 17th December, 2017

Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional For 17th December, 2017

ThemeA Life of Discipline Will Bring God’s Peace

Joyce Meyer

Too many things compete for our limited resources of attention, energy and time.

I used to complain to God about my schedule being overwhelming. I’d cry, “God, how could anyone be expected to do all that I have to do?”

Then it hit me: I was the one who made my schedule, and nobody could change it but me! I could no longer spend time wishing things were different because wishing wouldn’t change anything.

Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotional For 16th December, 2017

God showed me that I had to discipline myself in order to simplify my life.

You’ll have to do that too if you want life to slow down. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. He can guide you, showing you what commitments to make and which ones to turn down.

It may be tough at first, especially if you haven’t been disciplined in the past, but the rewards of discipline and self-control are worth the effort. The Bible says that discipline brings peaceable fruit. Begin disciplining yourself today, and you can begin to enjoy the peaceful life that God has waiting for you.


By Joyce Meyer

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