Joyce Meyer’s Support Team In Malawi Amidst Flooding

Joyce Meyer’s Support Team In Malawi Amidst Flooding 

Joyce Meyers’s support team is reportedly on the ground in Malawi offering much-needed assistance to the flood victims. The ministry led by Joyce Meyer has on their Facebook page disclosed the presence of the ministries’ relief team in Malawi amid devastating flooding.

One of the longest-lasting Tropical Cyclone Freddy in history struck Malawi earlier this week. It consequently resulted in heavy rain which in turn triggered flooding and mudslides. The disaster had affected people in hundreds of thousands. It reportedly claimed thousands of lives and damaged properties. Thousands were as well reported missing and displaced. According to Joyce Meyer’s Facebook post, “more than 59,000 people have been affected and more than 19,000 have been displaced”

Following the disaster, several relief teams had been deployed to aid the victims. Consequently, Joyce Meyer ministries in this regard, disclosed the quick response of the ministries’ relief team in Malawi. It was stated that the team partnered with local churches to provide relief and spiritual support to affected individuals.

Among the stated ministries’ engaged activities include the provision of food as well as household relief packs. The ministry also added that they are helping to fix homes and provide counseling as well as spiritual support. In addition, they appealed in a statement that concerned persons may join them in prayer for the disaster victims.

“Our team in Malawi is on the ground partnering with local churches to help provide food parcels and household relief packs. We are also helping to repair homes and provide counseling and spiritual support. Please join us in praying for all those affected by this disaster” They wrote.

It is without a doubt that Joyce Meyer’s ministries are doing a great job for God and humanity.

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