Judge Rules To Remove Life Support From 7-month-Old Baby

Judge Rules To Remove Life Support From 7-month-Old Baby

Judge Rules To Remove Life Support From 7-month-Old Baby:

A 7-month-old baby’s parents’ desire to keep her alive was rejected by a High Court judge in the United Kingdom, who decided to turn off her life support.

According to the rights organization Christian Concern, whose legal arm Christian Legal Centre is assisting the parents as they prepare to appeal, Indi Gregory, the infant at the center of this legal dispute, is the daughter of Claire Staniforth and Dean Gregory from Derbyshire.

The baby girl is fighting a rare mitochondrial disease and is under treatment at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

The Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust argued at a private High Court hearing that discontinuing life support is in the baby’s “best interests” should her condition worsen.

Dean Gregory, Indi’s father, expressed his dismay at the judge’s decision. “We are devastated by the judge’s ruling and will be appealing. … It feels like the trust has been given the permission they were after to legally proceed with a death sentence for Indi,” he said.

He further criticized the portrayal of Indi’s medical condition during the trial. “That picture was so misleading that, after hearing their evidence in court, the media reported that Indi had to be resuscitated nine times in one day. This is completely untrue,” Gregory said.

According to him, Indi is a fighter who deserves better care from the NHS. “During her short life, Indi has proved everybody wrong and deserves more time and care from the NHS rather than seeking to end her life as soon as possible,” he said.

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