Kat Von D Slams Christian Critics Of Her Baptism

Kat Von D Slams Christian Critics Of Her Baptism

Kat Von D Slams Christian Critics Of Her Baptism

Kat Von D Slams Christian Critics Of Her Baptism: Star tattoo artist Kat Von D, who was recently baptized, is expressing her gratitude for the “overwhelmingly beautiful” reactions she has received to her recent milestone, but she is also disappointed that “egoistic” Christians still “judge a book by its cover.”

Tattoo artist Katherine von Drachenberg (better known as Kat Von D) talked about the reactions she got after sharing a video of her baptism earlier this month in a video that she uploaded to Instagram on Sunday.

“It was an overwhelmingly beautiful amount of just positivity and just love,” she said. “Me and my husband and my son, we’d go out to go get lunch throughout the week, and people would just come out of nowhere just wanting to give me a hug and congratulate me and welcome me to the family.”

“It’s been pretty awesome,” she added.

The celebrity, who is known for her time on the TLC reality show “LA Ink,” said she was “shocked” because she was “expecting to get so much hate for it.”

“I know that a majority of my fans and my followers are not Christians, and so, like, I know that it’s a turn-off to a lot of people,” Drachenberg said.

However, “there was this other side of the response that was just so awful,” she explained.

“It wasn’t my atheist friends… You would think that all the hate would be coming from people who are… against religion or against Christianity and stuff,” she said.

Aside from the “typical, dumb, mean-like emoji comments” from atheists, “it was really the Christians who were the worst.”

“It was just really sad to see this critical display of judgment from… Christians,” she said.

“I don’t understand what would inspire that, aside from… something that’s more egoistic because that isn’t Christlike… to judge people or judge people’s journey,” Drachenberg asserted.

She expected that “most Christians would be happy for you when you come to this point in your life, especially when you get baptized.”

Drachenberg lamented the fact that a “handful” of “critical Christians” criticized her “in such a public way.”

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