Keep Asking

Keep Asking pt1

Keep Asking

Keep Asking: Praying to God for miracles in our lives is really good. God is our loving father, and he’s always listening to us when we pray to him.

Our answers can be delayed, but we must believe in God. We must learn how to be patient when waiting on God because he knows better.

Praying to God and not getting an answer can be heartbreaking. At the closest point of our miracle, there will be temptation.

The temptation sometimes is to check if we’re humble and have faith in the Lord. The timetable of God is different from ours, so let’s learn how to wait patiently on God.

Don’t you ever stop asking or praying to God when you’re not seeing results? Our heavenly father is the rewarder of people who seek him with all their hearts.

Our heavenly father knows about everything that we’re passing through, and only he can deliver us. Sometimes God can delay when we’re asking him for a favor, but let’s not give up.

Our faith in Jesus is meant to be strong because the enemy will do everything to shake it. Many people in the world don’t really believe that God exists, and they are expecting miracles.

As Christians, we must acknowledge that God is always present in our lives.

Have Faith

Keep Asking pt2

When we are struggling, Satan can tell us that God has forgotten us, but this is not true. He always does his best to make us anxious.

We must learn how to pray on our own instead of depending on people to pray for us. Our faith in God is what moves him to do wonders in our lives.

There are many events in the Bible when people got healed because they had faith in Jesus. In Matthew 9:20–22, there is a woman who has a blood condition, but she believes that only Jesus can heal her, and it works for her.

Only the word of God can change our lives, so it is important for us to read the Bible and pray all the time. What solves our problems in this world is the word of God in our lives.

Let’s make it our habit to learn and apply the word of God in every area of our lives. Even if your children are misbehaving, do not give up on them. Continue praying. Your children will turn out wonderful, and you will pay off all of your debts.

With God on our side, there is nothing we cannot accomplish; just believe. Simply pursue your goals and desires in the proper way, and God will make them come true.

No matter how much we have sinned against God, just ask him for forgiveness. God wants us to come close to him, and he will give us rest.

Repentance is really important because we have to give our lives to Christ so that the spirit of God can live inside of us. Surrendering our lives to God will help us grow in so many places in our lives.

Our heavenly father will work on us, and he will help us overcome any obstacles in our lives. He will transform us to be just like him so that his glory can shine through us.

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