Kenneth Copeland Celebrates 61 Years of Marriage with Wife Gloria

Kenneth Copeland Celebrates 61 Years of Marriage with Wife Gloria

Kenneth Copeland Celebrates 61 Years of Marriage with Wife Gloria

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland, the founder of Eagle Mountain International Church, celebrates 61 years of marriage today, with his wife, Gloria. The occasion sparked an outpouring of love and well wishes from their global church network and followers.

At 87 years old, Copeland remains an active figure in ministry. However, this special day took center stage, with various branches of Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) across the globe taking to social media to express their joy for the couple.

KCM Australia led the online celebrations with a heartfelt message: “Happy Anniversary to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Thank you for leading by example and being a constant voice of strength, encouragement, and vision. We love you, and we pray blessings over you on this joyous day!”

KCM Europe echoed the sentiment, highlighting the Copelands’ commitment as a source of inspiration for many. “Thank you for the example you’ve allowed your lives to be,” their post read. The post also acknowledged the couple’s unwavering commitment to God and each other. “Be blessed and filled with love today as you celebrate. Happy Anniversary!”

KCM Africa joined the chorus, praising the Copelands’ dedication to both God and their marriage. They further expressed gratitude to the couple “for the authentic love and commitment” shared between them. “We pray blessings over you on this joyous day,” they added.

The celebratory messages weren’t limited to official channels. Fans and followers eagerly joined the online toast, flooding social media with well wishes for the couple on their special day.

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s enduring marriage has become a significant touchstone for their vast following. As they celebrate this remarkable achievement, their story continues to inspire and offer a beacon of hope for countless believers worldwide.


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