Kenneth Copeland’s Prayer Request, Contact, address, phone number, Bio

Kenneth Copeland’s Prayer Request, Contact, address, phone number, Bio

According to beliefnet, “Kenneth Copeland, who leads the “Believer’s Voice of Victory,” TV show and network, is a giant within the Word of Faith branch of Pentecostalism. Kenneth Copeland Ministries operates on a 1,500-acre campus near Fort Worth, TX, equipped with a church, a private airstrip, and a hangar for the ministry’s $17.5 million jet and other aircraft. Copeland resides with his wife Gloria in a $6 million church-owned lakefront mansion. Copeland, who is of partial Native American descent, converted to Christianity in the 1960s. His first dream was to be a recording artist. His “Pledge of Love” made No. 12 in the Top 40 in 1957.”

Kenneth writes the “Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Daily Devotional” with his wife Gloria.

If you want to do a prayer request from Kenneth Copeland you can do that via verified Social media handles.

If you are in Africa or any country where the ministry is available and you want to contact Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, use the details below:

Private Bag X 909, Fontainebleau, 2032, South Africa
Telephone: 27 (11) 699 7700
Web Address:
United States, use the details below:
Kenneth Copeland Ministries – United States
14355 Morris Dido Rd
Newark, TX 76071
Telephone: +1-817-852-6000
Web Address:

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Canada, use the details below:
PO Box 3111 STN LCD 1, Langley BC V3A 4R3, Canada
Telephone: +1.877.480.3388.
Fax: +1.604.888.6351.
Web Address:
Australia, use the details below:
Locked Bag 2600 Mansfield Delivery Centre Queensland 4122, Australia
Telephone: (07) 3343 7777
Fax: (07) 3343 8777
Web Address:
Europe, use the details below:
PO Box 15 BATH BA1 3XN, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1225 787310
Fax: +44 (0) 1225 335983
Web Address:
Ukraine, use the details below:
Post Office Box 84 LVIV 79000, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 032 297 01 66
Web Address:
When you make a prayer request and a prayer is given to you, remember that you need to say all prayers with faith.
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  1. I would ask that you please ensure that Kenneth Copeland sees this video as it is about him and he needs to see it. Thanking you.

  2. God told me to creat Christian Associations from sub continent, continental to global levels with your help Kenneth Copeland. So that Christian abuses everywhere can be redressed and prevented at all levels with the Grace’s already given to us. God told me you should donate $1 million to my God’s glory International ministries so that I can give part of it towards construction of CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH,OLUSHI STREET,LAGOS ISLAND, NIGERIA.

  3. Kindly pray for peace home at home. (SOS)

    May God forgive me of my sins pervert language thoughts & deeds before and after consecration.

    All of us (my dependents & me wants Salvation. Kindly reply.


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