Ladies Get Yourself a Burner Cell Phone! – Steve Harvey

Ladies Get Yourself a Burner Cell Phone! – Steve Harvey

Ladies get yourself a burner cell phone! Steve Harvey, a motivational speaker, television host, and comedian advised the single ladies.

In other to circumvent strained relationships, Steve Harvey had in the most comic of all ways advised single ladies on getting themselves burner phones. He made this Known via a video he shared on Twitter.

In the video, the comedian spoke to the ladies about the best way technology would work to their advantage. He had advised the ladies to go online. Make themselves available by putting up their profiles on dating sites. He added that the ladies should get themselves two phones. One regular phone and a burner phone from Wal-mark. This however got his audience all cracked up.

Steve went further to babble that on meeting a guy, the burner number should be the number to be shared. Furthermore, he said to the ladies that, should the guy in question falls short of expectations, they may have to get the whole phone flipped off, while she heads back to Wal-mark to get another burner. Consequently, his audience cracked up.

Following the shared video, Steve Harvey put up a caption that correlate with the video. He wrote, “Ladies get yourself a burner cell phone. If you’re dating, you need two phones. The guy you meet at the club, give him your burner number. When  you find out  he’s crazy, throw the whole phone  away and buy another one”

People reacted in the comment section, consequent to the tweet. In their different opinions, some said it was bad financial advice. Some even suggested a better idea, while others however had the tweet to be just hilarious.

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