Lakewood Church location near me united states & Canada

Lakewood Church location near me united states & Canada

Lakewood Church location near me united states & Canada

Lakewood Church is a place to be. The Church is a non-denominational charismatic Christian church located in Houston, Texas, US. It records as one of largest congregations in the United States, averaging about 52,000 attendees per week.

Lakewood Church location near me united states & Canada

The official address of Lakewood Church is 3700 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77027, USA .

According to Ariel W from Houston ; ”

Lakewood is my chosen place of worship. It’s a “mega church” so it can be a little overwhelming for a first visit, but it is very inviting. Everyone I’ve ever encountered has been extremely pleasant and helpful. The staff is amazing and the people all share a common goal.

Members/attendees are a very diverse group of people. People go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

I attend the Saturday night service. It has never been crowded. I always get great parking and a seat within the first ten rows. That would be nearly impossible on a Sunday morning.

Living in Love: Look for the Best in Each Other – By Victoria Osteen

The sermons are powerful and really encouraging. Joel is funny and teaches the Bible in an appealing manner. There is always something to do – classes, activities, events, service projects. I attend the marriage counseling classes on Saturday evening (right before service). I enjoy the classes and find them very insightful.

Please join us for service”

I don’t live in Houston. Do you broadcast in my area ?

Yes! Checkout the broadcast listings below:

National Listings

Listen Live on Joel Osteen Radio Sirius XM 128Sirius XM
Wake Up To Hope now available on TBNMon – SatCable6:00am – 9:00am CT
Hillsong ChannelMon – SunCable7:00pm – 7:30pm PT
The WordMondayCable8:30pm – 9:00pm ET
TBNMondayCable11:00pm – 11:30pm CT
TBNSundayCable9:00pm – 8:00pm CT
TBNSundayCable7:00am – 7:30am CT
LifetimeSundayCable9:00am – 9:30am ET
Usa NetworkSundayCable8:30am – 9:00am ET
FreeformSundayCable12:00am – 12:30am ET
TBNThursdayCable7:30pm – 8:00pm CT
DaystarTuesdayCable9:00pm – 10:00pm CT


Local Stations


BirminghamSundayWBRC FOX CH 610:00 AM (CST)


PhoenixSundayKTVK TV-3.110:00 AM (MST)
PhoenixSundayKUTP MyNetwork CH 457:30 AM (MST)


JonesboroSundayKVTJ 488:00 AM (CST)
Little RockSundayKVTN 248:00 AM (CST)
Little RockSundayKARK NBC CH 410:00 AM (CST)


SacramentoSundayKOVR CBS 1312:00 AM (PST)
SacramentoSundayFaith TV / Cable10:00 AM (PST)
SacramentoSundayFaith TV / Cable7:00 PM (PST)
SacramentoSundayFaith TV / Cable6:00 AM (PST)
SacramentoSundayFaith TV / Cable11:00 PM (PST)
SacramentoSundayFaith TV / Cable6:30 PM (PST)
San DiegoSundayKGTV ABC CH 1010:00 AM (PST)
SacramentoSundayKXTV ABC CH 1010:00 AM (PST)
San FranciscoSundayKRON CH 412:00 AM (PST)
Los AngelesSundayKCAL TV CH 911:00 PM (PST)
Los AngelesSundayKCAL TV CH 96:00 AM (PST)
Los AngelesSundayKCBS5:30 AM (PST)
Los AngelesSundayKCAL TV CH 99:00 AM (PST)
San FranciscoSundayKRON CH 410:00 AM (PST)


DenverSundayKMGH ABC CH 710:00 AM (MST)

District of Columbia

WashingtonSundayWTTG FOX CH 52:00AM (ETS)
WashingtonSundayWTTG FOX CH 510:00 AM (EST)
WashingtonSundayWDCA MYN CH 208:00 AM (EST)


MiamiSundayWFOR CBS 412:05 AM (EST)
JacksonvilleSundayWTLV NBC CH 1210:00 AM (EST)
OrlandoSundayWKMG CBS CH 68:30 AM (EST)
TampaSundayWTSP CH 1011:35 PM (EST)
MiamiSundayWTVJ NBC TV-611:00 am (EST)
OrlandoSundayWRBW MyNetwork CH 659:00 AM (EST)
TampaSundayWTSP CBS CH 108:00 AM (EST)


AtlantaSundayWAGA FOX CH 510:00 AM (EST)


ChicagoSundayWCIU IND CH 269:00 AM (CST)
ChicagoSundayWLS ABC CH 711:00 am (CST)
ChicagoSundayWPWR MyNetwork CH 507:00 AM (CST)


South BendSundayWSBT CBS CH 2211:30 PM (EST)
IndianapolisSundayWRTV ABC CH 610:00 AM (EST)


PaducahSundayKBSI FOX CH 237:30 AM (CST)
LouisvilleSundayWBNA ION CH 2110:00 AM (EST)
LouisvilleSundayWBNA ION CH 211:30 AM (EST)


New OrleansSundayWVUE FOX CH 811:00 PM (CST)
New OrleansSundayWVUE FOX CH 87:30 AM (CST)
ShreveportSundayKMSS FOX CH 3310:00 AM (CST)


BostonSundayWBZ CBS CH 412:30 AM (EST)
BostonSundayWSBK CH 387:30 AM (EST)


DetroitSundayWDIV NBC CH 47:30 AM (EST)


MinneapolisSundayWCCO CBS 411:00 PM (EST)
MinneapolisSundayKARE NBC TV 1110:00 AM (EST)


JacksonSundayWAPT ABC TV-1610:30 AM (CST)


St. LouisSaturdayKMOV CBS CH 43:37 AM (CST)
Kansas CitySundayKMBC ABC CH 99:00 AM (CST)
St. LouisSundayKMOV CBS CH 410:30 AM (CST)


Las VegasSundayKTNV ABC CH 139:00 AM (PST)

New Mexico

AlbuquerqueSundayKASA FOX CH 29:00 AM (GMT)

New York

New YorkSundayWABC12:00 AM (EST)
AlbanySundayWNYT NBC CH 1311:35 PM (EST)
BuffaloSundayWKBW ABC CH 79:00 AM (EST)
New YorkSundayWWOR MyNetwork CH 98:30 A.M. (EST)
New YorkSundayWNYW FOX CH 59:00 AM (EST)
New YorkSundayWWOR MyNetwork CH 910:00 AM (EST)
New YorkSundayWNBC NBC CH 411:30 AM (EST)

North Carolina

CharlotteSundayWCCB CW CH 185:00 AM (EST)
CharlotteSundayWCCB CW CH 1811:00 PM (EST)
GreensboroSundayWXII NBC CH 1210:00 AM (EST)
CharlotteSundayWCCB CW CH 1810:00 AM (EST)
RaleighSundayWRAZ FOX CH 5010:00 AM (EST)
CharlotteSundayWSOC ABC CH 910:00 AM (EST)


CinncinattiSundayWCPO ABC CH 910:00 AM (EST)
ClevelandSundayWKYC NBC CH 312:30 AM (EST)
ClevelandSundayWOIO CBS CH 198:30 AM (EST)
ColumbusSundayWCMH NBC CH-411:30 AM (EST)


Oklahoma CitySundayKWTV CBS CH 910:30 AM (CST)
TulsaSundayKJRH NBC CH 211:00 PM (CST)


PhiladelphiaSundayWTXF FOX CH 412:00 AM (EST)
PittsburghSundayKDKA CBS CH 28:00 AM (EST)
HarrisburgSundayWPMT FOX CH 4310:00 AM (EST)

South Carolina

Greenville AreaSundayWLOS ABC CH 1311:30 PM (EST)


KnoxvilleSundayWTNZ FOX CH 439:00 AM (EST)
MemphisSundayWREG CBS CH 310:30 AM (CST)
NashvilleSundayWTVF CBS CH 510:30 AM (CST)
ChattanoogaSundayWDEF CBS CH 1211:30 PM (EST)


San AntonioSundayKSAT CH 125:00 AM (CST)
DallasSundayKTXD TV 472:00AM (CST)
San AntonioSundayKSAT 1210:00 AM (CST)
HoustonSundayKTRK ABC TV-1311:00 AM (CST)
DallasSundayKTXD TV-4711:00 PM (CST)
Corpus ChristiSundayKIII ABC CH 39:00 AM (CST)
AustinSundayKEYE CBS CH 4210:30 AM (CST)
DallasSundayKDFI TV MyNetwork CH 275:30 AM (CST)
DallasSundayKDFI TV MyNetwork CH 278:00 AM (CST)
DallasSundayKDFW FOX CH 49:00 AM (CST)
HoustonSundayKHOU CBS CH 1110:00 AM (CST)


NorfolkSundayWTKR CBS CH 38:30 AM (EST)


SeattleSundayKONG CH 1611:00 AM (PST)


International Listings

Latin AmericaSunday Enlace8:30 PM
Latin AmericaFriday Enlace4:00 PM
Latin AmericaThursday Enlace4:30 AM
Latin AmericaTuesday Enlace4:30 AM
AustraliaSaturday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
AustraliaFriday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
AustraliaThursday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
AustraliaSunday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
AustraliaWednesday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
AustraliaTuesday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
CanadaSunday Vision Network10:00 PM (EST)
CanadaSunday Miracle Network (CJIL)11:30 AM (EST)
AustraliaSunday Network Ten7:30 AM
EgyptSunday Middle East Television METV12:30 PM
EuropeSunday CNBC Europe10:30 AM
AustraliaMonday Hillsong Channel7:00 PM
CanadaSunday Global TV10:00 AM (EST)


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