Lakewood Men’s Night Postponed Indefinitely

Lakewood Men's Night Postponed Indefinitely Due To Storm

Lakewood Men’s Night Postponed Indefinitely

The much-anticipated Lakewood Men’s Night has been postponed to a future date. Pastor Nick Nilson announced the decision, stating, “Due to the power outages and impact the storm has had on so many around the Houston area, tonight’s MENS EVENT is postponed to a future TBD date.”

In light of the recent storm and its severe effects on the community, the focus and resources of Lakewood Church are being redirected to support first responders and those impacted by the disaster. The decision to postpone the event underscores the church’s commitment to standing with and aiding the community during this challenging time.

Pastor Nick emphasized the church’s dedication to helping those in need, saying, “We’re praying for and standing with our city.” This shift in priorities highlights the church’s mission to serve and support its community in times of crisis.

While the postponement of Lakewood Men’s Night is disappointing for many, the church’s proactive response to the storm’s aftermath reflects its core values of compassion and service. Stay tuned for updates on the rescheduled date for Lakewood Men’s Night, and join in supporting the Houston community during this recovery period.

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