Lessons to Learn from Jesus’ Temptation

 Lessons to Learn from Jesus’ Temptation


In the Gospel of Matthew, we find a profound account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. This event teaches us valuable lessons about facing our own temptations and overcoming them. Let us delve into the narrative and discover the insights we can glean from Jesus’ response to temptation. When faced with each temptation, Jesus responded with scripture. This reminds us of the significance of God’s Word in our lives. By immersing ourselves in the scriptures, we equip ourselves with truths that can strengthen us against the attacks of the enemy. Just as Jesus wielded the Word to overcome temptation, we too can rely on its power to guide us.


Jesus faced temptation because of the devil’s cravings for fame, power, and fulfillment of his desires. We must realize that, when perverted, these impulses might take us astray from God’s purpose for our existence. We must distinguish between healthy and harmful wants in our struggles with temptation to avoid devil’s traps. Jesus persevered in his devotion to God’s will while facing extreme temptation. He acknowledges that our lives should be directed by God. Through Jesus’ example, we discover the significance of giving God our wants and goals, believing that His plans are more intelligent and fruitful than our own.


Jesus spent forty days in the desert fasting and praying, before facing temptation. It refreshes our minds, lifts our spirits, and makes it possible for us to hear God’s voice over the commotion of the world.  The challenges we may experience in our own lives are vividly brought to memory by Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. We can get important insights about using the Bible as a guide, understanding our wants, submitting to God, and finding strength in prayer and fasting by looking at His response. Let’s take these teachings to heart and apply them to our own journeys, believing that, like Jesus, we can resist temptation and stick to God’s plans for our lives.

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