Levi Lusko Delivers Heartfelt Eulogy for Father

Levi Lusko Delivers Heartfelt Eulogy for Father

Levi Lusko Delivers Heartfelt Eulogy for Father

Fresh Life Church senior pastor, Levi Lusko, has taken to social media today to share a heartfelt eulogy for his father, Chip Lusko, who passed away on April 2nd, 2024, at the age of 72 after a brief illness.

The news comes as a shock to the community, especially considering Levi’s hopeful social media updates last year chronicling Chip’s battle with pancreatic cancer.

In an emotional Instagram video, Levi recalled cherished memories of his father, from childhood fascination with his size 12 cowboy boots to the unwavering support Chip provided throughout his life. Levi choked back tears as he described Chip as his “best friend,” his “best man” at his wedding, and the first person he called when his daughter passed away.

Levi described his father as a prominent media figure who balanced his public persona with a deep commitment to faith.

“He had a press pass to prove it,” Levi narrates, “but he was also in the ministry at the same time. He wielded his power with such humility.”

Levi spoke fondly of the formative experiences growing up alongside a father who not only preached sermons but also prioritized family time through fishing trips, camping adventures, and Saturday morning rituals.

“The moments that shaped me were not just the ministry and the media,” Levi shared, “but the fishing trips and camping trips and Saturday morning car washes, waking up early and seeing him sitting with his Bible by the fire watching the sunrise.”

Levi’s eulogy highlighted Chip’s dedication to his faith and his immense sadness at being unable to embark on one final mission trip to Africa due to his illness. Levi poignantly stated, “I stand here today still not filling up my dad’s cowboy boots, but I stand on his shoulders.” He emphasized the profound influence his father had on his life’s path, from becoming a pastor to the countless sermons preached and books written.

In the caption accompanying the video, Levi expressed the weight of crafting a tribute to his father’s impactful life. “It was daunting to take 72 years of his life and boil it down to a few words,” he wrote, “but it was a pleasure to speak from my heart about a man I respect and cherish so much.”

Chip Lusko succumbed to a brief illness that took a tragic turn over Easter weekend. News of his passing follows a year of public updates from Levi, detailing Chip’s diagnosis, treatment, and apparent recovery. Publicly, Levi credited a “miracle” and successful treatment for his father’s remission in August 2023. However, in a heartbreaking turn of events, Chip’s health deteriorated rapidly on Good Friday of this year.

Admitted to the hospital for what initially seemed minor, tests revealed a more serious condition. Despite prayers and support from loved ones, Chip passed away peacefully surrounded by family over Easter weekend.


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