Live In Peace With Yourself

Live in Peace with Yourself

Live in peace with yourself.

Live in Peace with Yourself: Many times we do our best to be at peace with everyone while we are fighting ourselves. We can’t give what we don’t have; if you don’t have peace, you can’t give it out.

Hating yourself and always battling with your spirit is the work of the enemy. The devil knows that if we hate ourselves, we won’t believe the promises of God in our lives.

Our heavenly father has created us all with uniqueness so that we can bring glory to him. For many of us, there are many things that can steal our peace as children of God.

  • Being in debt
  • Hating your appearance
  • Poor background
  • Slow to learn
  • Bad relationship
  • financial problem
  • Toxic parents, and so on.

No matter what we are facing in life, God wants us to be at peace with ourselves. Do your best, and God will do the rest, so we must stop doubting him.

Most Christians do complain after they have prayed to God about their problem. When we have prayed to the Creator of the universe, we are not to complain again.

Complaining means that we don’t believe that God is at work in our lives. As children of God, we are not to doubt his power in our lives.

When we pray, we have to believe that our prayers have been answered. The enemy will do his best to tell us that God doesn’t hear us when we pray.

Our Lord’s timetable is different from ours, so we must understand him. God’s ways are different from our ways; he does the best thing at the right time.

God is never late in our troubled times, but we do doubt him, and that’s bad. Even when you are facing death face-to-face declare the love of God over your life and believe it.

We can cure our sickness by living in peace.

Live in Peace with Yourself pt2

For the thought the Lord has for us is good and not evil. Why are we beating ourselves up? There are things in our lives that we cannot change and don’t have control over.

Scientists have proven that we can create sickness in our bodies when we are not at peace. Hating yourself will create illness in the future or body pain, but you can heal yourself now by loving yourself.

Declare the promises of the Lord in your life and believe them with all your heart. Are you in a season of lack and things are tough for you? Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Find a way every day not to dwell on your problem after you have prayed to God. There are people who have gone to the hospital to find out what causes sickness in their bodies, but they were unsuccessful.

Most sickness are created in your body through our mind by our thinking. When you are positive and believe God’s promises, that can heal your soul, and then your body will follow.

The word of God is the food for the soul and our mind; we must dwell in it day and night. Our Lord has not given us the spirit of fear but the spirit of sound mind.

When the enemy is trying to plant the seed of doubt, we must use God’s word to chase him away. Whenever you are sick, pray to God and believe in his power; don’t dwell on it.

We must refuse to complain because that’s the way the enemy steals our joy and destroys our spirit.

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