Live To Please The Lord

Live to please the Lord

Live to please the Lord.

Live to please the Lord: As Christians in a modern world today, we have to be careful about our lives and our decisions.

The way we live our lives is really important in our Christian journey. God wants us to live lives that please him and his glory.

As God’s children, we are not to behave like those of the world. Our behaviors should be different and pleasing.

When we live right, that will attract people to us, and we can lead them to Jesus. Make decisions that are pleasing to God.

We don’t have to live to please ourselves; there are going to be things we want, but we have to deny our flesh.

We are to live spiritually and not for the flesh, because our flesh will make us sin against God. Not everything that we think of should be what we do.

The reason God gave us the Holy Spirit is for the spirit of God to guide us through life. The decisions that we make should reflect our love for God and our love for humans.

The Holy Spirit is a gift that Jesus gave to us when he was leaving the earth. He knew that we would need help. The spirit of God lives on the inside of us, and he understands us.

As God’s Child Behaves Differently

Live to please the Lord pt2

When our decisions are different, that will make our behavior different and pleasing to God. When other people are being rude and judgmental, we are to be loving and caring to them.

If people are cheating at work to make extra money, we are to work with all our hearts. In relationships like dating and marriage, when cheating is normalized, we are not to accept it but to remain faithful.

God expects us to be like Jesus, who is loving and compassionate. For us to be just like Jesus, we have to make the decision and make sure to carry out the plan.

When the economy of the world is turning out badly and everyone is complaining, we are to pray to God. When people see how we behave, that will attract them to us, and God will have his children back.

If we are hurt or mistreated by people, we should not dwell on that but just give it to God. People and situations should not determine how we are going to behave or react.

Live in the spirit, not the flesh.

Live to please the Lord pt3

Our flesh will want us to live a life of fun and pleasure, but we are not to engage in every fun we have. There are some activities that the world calls fun that are sins against God, like drugs, pornography, cheating, lying, having a hot temper, complaining, and lust.

No matter how much the world tries to normalize these behaviors, we should not engage in them. We are not of the world, but we are of Christ Jesus.

Having self-control and self-discipline can help us behave rightly as Christians. When we make decisions to please God, that can be hard sometimes, but we have the Holy Spirit.

When the desire of flesh comes upon us, we have to cast it away. God wants us to depend solely on him, and he will help us overcome them.

The flesh will lead us to destruction if we allow it to control us. It will make us addicted to the wrong habits, like drug addicts, porn addicts, constantly in debt, and lust addicts.

We must depend on the Holy Spirit to help us grow out our seeds of self-control and discipline. It won’t happen over time, but with time, God will keep shaping us.

You don’t have to be perfect; God loves you.

Live to please the Lord pt4

God is aware that we are not perfect, and he’s not judging us; he wants us to be better. We should not be afraid of God and think that he will reject us when we come to him.

He wants us to be honest with him about our weaknesses, and he will make us strong. He knows about all our flaws, and he has the power to make us flawless.

His love for us is so deep that he feels whatever we feel, and he cares about us. We have to accept Jesus into our lives and admit that we are sinners.

When we are willing to change, God is willing to work on us at any time. Even after making decisions, we might still make mistakes, but we should not allow our sins to hold us back.




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