Lysa Terkeurst Finds Love After Painful Divorce

Lysa Terkeurst Finds Love After Painful Divorce
Lysa Terkeurst finds love after a painful 2021 divorce as she shares a video clip of herself and her seemingly newfound lover.


The founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Christian author, and speaker Lysa TerKeurst has taken to social media to share a video clip of herself and an unknown man who from all appearances indicates he is her newfound lover.

The video clip surfaced 3 weeks after Terkeurst wrote on Instagram “And then… when I was healed enough to not need someone, I was freed enough to want someone. The right one. It’s been the biggest surprise… love, real and honest and true. Oh, I have so much to tell you. Soon, very soon.”

In the video she was all smiles, posing in different romantic styles with the man. The video footage displayed her sharing good times with the man. She was seen in one of the video footage kissing him.

Speculating he is her newfound lover, people expressed in the comment section their happiness for the new life she’s got after the 2021 divorce which left her devastated for a long.

In the post caption, Terkeurst expressed gratitude to God for what seemed like the best time of her life after nearly losing hope following her divorce. She wrote

“The hard parts of our story aren’t the end of our story. If you would have told me this years ago, I would have thought ‘That sounds good in theory but it’s not my reality’. I will never understand the twists and turns of life. But I am so grateful that when everything else feels so uncertain, the goodness and kindness of God is something we can count on.”

“There were so many days, months, years where I didn’t feel it. I had big doubts. Deep hurt. A sadness like I have never known before. But in time, He wrote a story that was the sweetest surprise. I know many of you are still in the thick of the hurt and pain. And I’m still right here to walk beside you. I’m not through it all yet. But I am in a really beautiful part of this journey and I wanted to share it with you.”

Lysa Terkeurst  was married to Art TerKeurst. They had five children. In January 2022, She announced the divorce of her husband who she said “broke their marriage vows” and engaged in “chosen patterns of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical covenant of marriage.” The divorce came nearly 30 years into their marriage leaving her shattered for a long period.

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