Married Couples Need A Lot of Sex – Prophet Lovy Elias

Married Couples Need A Lot of Sex - Prophet Lovy Elias

Prophet Lovy has preached a profound message on sex in marriage. He talked about why it is important that married couples should prioritize sex in their marriage.

According to Prophet Lovy, what it takes to have a good marriage is wisdom and not prayers. He pointed out that there are people in the world who are married for a long time. The secret is that they understand the system, commitment, what happens and what needs to be done.

Speaking further, Prophet Lovy said that Christians have over spritualized everything. The result is that we cannot maintain something that the world can. Many Christians (women) deny their partners (husband) sex then blame it on Jezebel when he gets it else where.  Quoting Dr. Myles Monroe, he stated that men do not want sex, rather men need sex.

The Prophet continued with his admonishment, saying that once a couple get married, sex is a forever deal. 90% of the problem that couple have in marriage arises from lack of intimacy.  He emphasized that sex is not only for pleasure but it is for bonding. Children are the product of that bonding and therefore, should not be made the centre of the union.

“If you idolize your children more than your partner, then you have destroyed the Institution of God. Children are important but they should not be more important than your partner”.

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