Dr. Mattie Nottage: Biography, Husband, Books, Ministry and Sermons

Dr. Mattie Nottage is a popular preacher in Nassau, Bahamas. She and her husband co-founded the Mattie Nottage Ministries International and she is known internationally as a motivational speaker, a psalmist, a life coach, a gospel recording artist and many more.

Dr. Mattie Nottage was born in the Bahamas and grew up in a Christian household. She attributes her faith and calling to her grandmother, who was a powerful prayer warrior and spiritual influence in her life.

Mattie Nottage
Dr. Mattie


Dr. Mattie Nottage is married to Apostle Edison Nottage. She co-pastors the Believers Faith Outreach Ministries International in Nassau, Bahamas alongside her husband.

Dr. Mattie Nottage: Biography, Husband, Books, Ministry and Sermons
Dr. Mattie Nottage and Husband



She is a very well educated woman. Dr. Nottage holds a doctorate in clinical Christian counseling. She is the founder and senior pastor of Mattie Nottage Ministries, based in Nassau, Bahamas. Her ministry focuses on various aspects of spiritual healing, deliverance, and empowerment.

She has earned herself a couple of Degrees, they include:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling, 
  • A Masters of Arts degree in Christian Education, and 
  • A Doctor of Divinity degree from the renown St. Thomas University, in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dr. Mattie graduated from Kingdom University. 
  • She also earned her Certified Life Coaching Degree from the F. W. I. Life Coach Training Institute.


Dr. Mattie is the president and co-founder of the Mattie Nottage Ministries International. It is located at 7301 W Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill, FL 33319, United States. Together with her husband, she answered the call of God to full-time Ministry, with the mission of raising the standard of righteousness and holiness in the lives of young people and families.

Dr. Mattie Nottage is known for her powerful deliverance and healing services. She often conducts revivals, conferences, and seminars both in the Bahamas and internationally. Her ministry is characterized by her emphasis on spiritual warfare, breaking chains of bondage, and promoting healing in all areas of life.

She teaches on topics such as spiritual warfare, deliverance, prayer, and the power of faith. Her teachings are often rooted in a strong belief in the supernatural and the transformative power of God.

Her ministry has gained a following among individuals seeking spiritual healing, deliverance, and personal transformation. Her teachings have resonated with many who are looking to overcome spiritual challenges and find freedom in their faith.

Dr. Mattie Nottage is also involved in charitable and community-focused initiatives. Her ministry engages in humanitarian efforts and outreach programs aimed at helping those in need.

Dr. Mattie Nottage: Biography, Husband, Books, Ministry and Sermons


The exact net worth of Dr. Mattie is unknown but her sources of income are numerous. They include the money she makes from her Church salary, the money she makes as an international preacher, the money she makes as a gospel recording artist, motivational speaker, life coach, playwright and the money she makes from the sale of her books.


She has authored several books and publications that offer insights into spiritual healing, deliverance, and Christian living. Some of her books include titles like “The Power of the Spoken Word” and “Conquering Controlling Spirits.”

Below are some books written by Dr. Nottage:

  1. Why everyone needs deliverance
  2. I refuse to die; Its my time to live
  3. 12 Minutes To Breakthrough Prayer Strategy: “A Prayer Strategy For Total Victory!”
  4. Secrets Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter About Life
  5. I still want you
  6. Prayer For The Annihilation and Assassination Of My Enemies
  7. Breaking The Chains, From Worship To Warfare: “Surviving The Conflict!”
  8. Secrets Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter About Life! Workbook


Below are some famous sermons by Dr. Mattie:

  1. Where Are The True Worshippers
  2. Warfare for victory prayers
  3. Something new is happening in the spirit realm
  4. Unlocking the glory realm
  5. How renunciation removes generational curses
  6. Anointed prayers to break wicked arrows
  7. How to deal with negative narcissistic people
  8. God who performs supernatural miracles
  9. How to have power over witchcraft curses
  10. How To Move In Spiritual Power To Destroy Demonic Spirits


Dr. Mattie can be reached from the social media contacts below:

Instagram: @drmattienottage

Twitter: @DrMattieNottage

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