Mercy of God in Times of Trial

Mercy of God in Times of Trial

Mercy of God in Times of Trial

Mercy of God in Times of Trial: Many of us are afraid of facing trials in our lives because of the pain. Time trials have never been a fun moment in the lives of many.

Some of us might start to think that God doesn’t love us, but doubting God is a sin. We are deeply loved by our Heavenly Father, and he’s always looking out for us.

For the thought and plan the Lord has for us is good and not bad to give us except end. It is easy for us to fall into the plan of the enemy by questioning God’s existence.

It is a sin to question God’s existence because he’s the one who created the universe. God so loved the world that he gave us his only beloved son to die for us.

After the fall of Adam, the relationship between God and humanity was broken. Our Heavenly Father has tried so many times to bring us back to him by appointing prophets, but it didn’t work perfectly.

When the Son of God came and died for our sin, things began to change. We now have mercy and grace in our lives as Christians.

The Death of Christ Gifted Us Many Things

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Jesus Christ was holy, and he did everything that would please his father in heaven. When he died, he didn’t die for his own sin, but for ours.

It wasn’t easy for him, but he still obeyed his father so that we could be saved. We got back to God through the blood of his son, Jesus.

The enemy is doing his best to steal us from God so that he can destroy us in hell. While our Lord was on earth working for his father, the world didn’t accept him.

He Gifted Us 

  • Salvation
  • Grace
  • Righteousness
  • Restored our relationship with his father.
  • We became co-hair (we are to make heaven).
  • Mercy, and so on.

We can’t name so many things that our Lord has done for us, and we have to be grateful. There will be times of trials and tribulation, but only God can save us.

Complaining about how everything is bad in our lives won’t change, so instead of complaining, pray. Prayer is our way of talking to God, and he’s always listening to us.

Our heavenly father is aware of our flaws and imperfections, but he still loves us. As Christians, we must be willing to walk with the spirit of God so that he can change us to be like Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ was leaving the earth, he knew that we still needed help in our growth, so he sent the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The holy spirit is the spirit of God that lives inside of us, gifted to us by God. The spirit of God guides us through everything that we do here on earth. The spirit will teach us things that we don’t know and comfort us in times of trouble.

He’s Mercies Are New Every Morning 

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When we were still sinners, he loved us and came to die for us so that we could enjoy life to the fullest. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, there are great benefits for spiritual growth.

When our sinful nature takes over, let’s do our best quickly to turn back to God’s way. Dwelling in sin will open doors for the enemy to destroy us to the end.

Let’s learn to cast all our worries on God, for he cares about us. Our heavenly father will find us in places where our hearts are destroyed, and he will fix us.

We don’t deserve the mercies of God and his love, but we are now one with Jesus Christ. Our own righteousness is like a smelly rag in front of God.

Since we are now back with him through Jesus Christ, that means that we are saved. If we do our best and obey all his commandments by his grace, we’ll make heaven.

We have to know that no matter how big the trials, our God is bigger and stronger.

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